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Whole Life

Whole life policies are designed to build a cash value that is tax deferred, and have a guaranteed benefit when the insured dies....even if you life to 100!  There are three major types of whole life insurance:

  • traditional whole life
  • universal life
  • variable universal life

Whole life policies are considered an investment because of the cash value aspect. The premiums may be higher than term life insurance, but with the cash value build up, you may borrow against the policy.

A whole life policy will pay a guaranteed amount upon death as long as premiums are current, it builds cash value which can be used over the life of the individual, it can be be surrendered with you receiving the cash value. It will also, if kept in force, provide insurance coverage for your entire lifetime.

Even though you may have borrowed against the cash value, you still have insurance in effect. In this situation, should you die, the payout would be face value minus any loan against the cash value of the policy.